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Journeys in New York – Summer in the City of Welcomes

So, there came a point when I decided to spend a summer in New York. It was not going to be a holiday. I had a detailed plan of research for my next book. The whole project involved a lot … Continue reading

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Journeys in New York – four days on the road

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Bumps in Dublin – A story from the Seán Keating project

I’ve just published a book – Seán Keating: Art, Politics and Building the Irish Nation – it was the result of ten years research and a lot of hard work. It was only towards the end of the project that I … Continue reading

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‘…when someone

‘…when someone paints a picture, that picture is a direct and personal appeal to any individual who may happen to see it. And a farmer or shop-keeper, if he is sufficiently interested, can appreciate or depreciate it just as well … Continue reading

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