Welcome to my blog – I’m Éimear O’Connor  @artanddiaspora, and at the moment I’m blogging about my experiences, thoughts, places I’ve seen, and people that I’ve met during a research trip to New York. I wrote a book recently, and one of the comments made was that I should have kept a diary of my activities while researching for that publication. Research may sound boring, but that is very far from the truth of the matter. For the last ten years or so I’ve worked with the most extraordinary people in University College Dublin, Trinity College Dublin, various galleries and auction houses in Ireland and abroad, and among the general public in Ireland and abroad. I’ve seen fascinating things, often worked sixteen hours a day without moving from my computer (not recommended), learned how to deep-freeze bugs, discovered paintings by literally falling on them in the dark, uncovered sketches in basements and bags, found myself in communication with various forms of furry, four-legged little beasties, and paper-eating and wood eating nasties (some of whom seemed to carry their own knives and forks), taken thousands of photographs, and learned a whole lot about myself in the process – including the fact that I am not afraid of mice or crawlies, I absolutely love my work as an art historian, author and curator, I’m not a bad photographer, I’m quite a good painter when I have the time, and I shouldn’t sit for sixteen hours at one sitting – ever again. That was just for one book! Now, I’m doing research for another book on Irish art and artists, and some of the work has or is taking place in America – mostly New York, but in other places too. I’m not going to blog much about my research, unless the information, such as that about George Russell (AE), or the tenements of Dublin, is of topical interest to at least one reader other than myself. Hopefully, the book that I am working on will be published in late 2014 – but I am going to update my post with photographs of people that I meet, places that I’ve found fascinating, unusual happenings, thoughts along the way, and all the other stuff that you won’t read in the book. It is my way of keeping a diary of my personal journey towards the next book – a method by which to remember all of those little things that happen – none of which will make it into the book, but all of which will contribute to the story in one way or another. Enjoy, if you will, and I’d really appreciate ‘likes’ ‘follows’ and ‘RTs’


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  1. Kannan Srinivasan says:

    All best wishes lovely blog lovely person

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