Lady Aberdeen

Its been a very busy start to 2017! I’ve completed two chapters, one for a forthcoming book on Irish artist, Harry Clarke, and the other for a forthcoming book on the Throne Room in Dublin Castle!

Lady Aberdeen was the subject of my research for the Throne Room chapter,  which took me to the little village of Tarves in Aberdeenshire, and on to Haddo House, the family seat of the various Lords of Aberdeen. The photograph shows the village of Tarves on the night of the special moon in late February, 2017. The building on the right is the Aberdeen Arms Hotel, and the window on the top left is the room in which I stayed.  The moon is real! tarves

Lady Ishbel Aberdeen was an extraordinary woman, a supporter of Home Rule, and a founder of the Irish Industries Association in Ireland in 1886.  I’m giving a public lunch time lecture on aspects of her work in Ireland, and at the Chicago World’s Fair, for the Friends of the Crawford Art Gallery, Cork, on 22 March, 2017. With the permission of the present Lord Aberdeen, the lecture will be fully illustrated using photographs taken during my research visit to the Haddo Estate. Watch out too for the forthcoming book on the Throne Room in Dublin Castle. Published by Irish Academic Press, and edited by Dr Myles Campbell and William Derham of the OPW, with contributions from many writers doing fascinating research, the book promises to be very exciting indeed. It will be published in autumn, 2017.


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