Journeys in New York – the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building

Journeys in New York - the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building

Situated on the corner of 5th Avenue and 42nd Street, New York Public Library is an architecturally stunning building. It is situated in a prime location on a site that used to house the Croton Reservoir. The library opens at 10am every morning, and it is an amazing site to see queues of people waiting to get in – tourists, of course, but also many locals who visit the facility every day to read the newspapers or a book, to connect to the wifi, or to just find a little bit of peace amid the quiet rooms. See
Behind the library lies Byrant Park – a green oasis in the middle of a high rise concrete jungle. The park is always crowded for free open air films, interviews with authors, outdoor yoga classes, chess, ping pong, reading, sunbathing, while children (and I suspect adults too) are delighted by the colourful hand-made merry go round. See

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Art historian, curator, author, lecturer, visual artist, arts consultant. Insomniac. Early morning writer. Late night reader.
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