Journeys in New York – the underground

The underground in New York City – a beehive of activity where you’ll find everything from extraordinary musicians who play hard for your attention, to people huddling in corners trying to get some rest.  I use the metro every day, from Astor Place to Grand Central and back again. The atmosphere is electric in Grand Central – a daily movie of human life. The noise is tremendous – people everywhere, going in all directions with bags, suitcases, sacks and back packs, and long queues for tickets, coffee, iced tea, muffins, money, the pharmacy, the food market, information, and more information. All noise, and more noise – loudspeakers, loud mouths, phones, music, shouting, crying, shuffling, running, clicking heels, excited groups of tourists with guides, and usually something happening in the large hallway that takes you out to 42nd Street. Tunnels, cut through the hard rock, and sometimes engineered one above the other, spread in lines up, down and across the city – it is as busy down there as it is on the streets overhead. I am constantly reminded of Piet Mondrian’s  famous painting Broadway Boogie Woogie, see  There is visual art everywhere in Grand Central, and in most, if not all of the stations in the city. Tile mosaic is the speciality, and it illustrates everything from Art Nouveau to 2013 contemporary.  It’s a gallery down there – an underground (and sometimes overground) monument to the the fact that visual art has a vital place in the busiest places of all. Slow down and take a look – and if you can’t do that, I hope my link to the Huffington Post works – try that instead!


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